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Ultimate home-based business; part-time or full-time

The Parmeter family has owned and operated Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes since 1966 and are passionate in providing their customers with the best log home experience and value in the industry. The Parmeter's are looking to team up with honest, hardworking people, who can partner with them to sell Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes. If you are intrigued by the idea of becoming an Independent Proprietors for Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes, making very good money, and helping people achieve their dream of log home ownership, then please continue reading.

This is not a trick to sell you a home; nor is this a trick to make money selling you some sort of dealership. Selling log home packages through independent proprietors is how the log home industry goes to market. This is an honest and fulfilling career that is anything but magical; it is hard work, yet fulfilling and rewarding. You will need the time, energy and money to run a small business. You will need to purchase displays so you can work shows and have product samples to show your prospects. If you are concerned about your own lack of knowledge regarding log homes - don't be. Every independent proprietor starts out new and receives lots of free and ongoing training once you become a independent proprietor for Golden Eagle. Our inside sales staff will work with you, side by side, on every single sale. With Golden Eagle’s continued support, training and personal involvement on every single project; you can be selling homes and earning commissions in year one.

Zach Parmeter A message from Zach Parmeter
Director of Independent Proprietor Development

Thank you for your interest in Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes. If you want a successful career in the log home industry, then we would like to talk with you! We look forward to answering any questions you may have about joining the most successful log home company in North America. To get started, please contact me at 1-866-855-6948 ext 181 (Toll Free).

Prerequisite: You need to be very likable and enjoy people. If it takes a while for you to warm up to people or for them to warm up to you, then that is a deal breaker. We can't teach or train this skill, because you either have it or you don't.

To explore Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes' independent proprietors opportunities click here.

A message to the Golden Eagle staff from Kurt Brown (an Independent Proprietor from Iowa).
aerial photo of a log home
John Batzer, Tod Parmeter, Kurt Brown, and Jay Parmeter

I want to thank Golden Eagle for the sales award... I'm always humbled by any award. I really don't consider myself the greatest sales person in the world. I'm lucky I have the Antisdels to work with. But most importantly, I would never be able to sell what I sell without the help of EVERYONE that works at Golden Eagle. Everything that happens up at Golden Eagle makes it easy to sell the product. And we would never be successful as a dealer without the help of every single person that works at Golden Eagle. I truly mean that. The work that you all do makes it easy for me to do what I do. It really is a team effort.

And not only does everyone do a great job, everyone is truly a really, really, nice person. I can see how everything runs like a finely tuned machine!

I know that I lean on your skills and expertise a lot, and I do really appreciate how you all help me and continue to be nice to me no matter how many times I ask about something!

  Give us a call and we will help answer any questions you may have. 1-800-270-5025

Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Golden Eagle Independent Proprietor

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