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Independent Proprietorship FAQs
Advertising and Marketing
Question:As an independent proprietorship selling Golden Eagle packages would we have access to Golden Eagle's professional photography and graphics for use on our website?
Answer:Yes, all current Independent Proprietors are encouraged to use our professional photography and graphics to build their business. It doesn't have to stop with your website. You can borrow our images, graphics and logo for all of your promotions.
Question:Can Golden Eagle help us with our website?
Answer:Yes, we have a full-time web developer on staff.
Question:We are interested in Golden Eagle logo wear, business cards and stationary. Can someone at Golden Eagle help us with that.
Answer:Yes that is something our events planning people can help you with.
Question:If we have questions about setting up or advertising open houses and other events, who will we talk to at Golden Eagle?
Answer:Our Events Planning department regularly offers assistance to Independent Proprietors.
Question:Where will we find forms, contact information, advertisement examples and general sales information?
Answer:We keep most of this information on our CRM website. The website can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has internet service. 
Question:If we were to sell Golden Eagle packages how do we get leads and prospects?
Independent Proprietors receive leads on loan from Golden Eagle but most leads will be developed through your own efforts. Proprietors usually participate in home shows, log raisings, and advertise in magazines and on the internet.
Question:Can we get copies of your home plans to use as sales aids?
Answer:All independent proprietors have access to print out all of our master plans at no charge. This is a terrific sales tool, as you can print these out anytime.
Contract Questions
Question:Is there training available for builders?
Answer:Yes, we currently offer training opportunities at our training center in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.
Question:Does the independent proprietor or the customer buy the package from Golden Eagle?
Answer:That is the choice of the customer or independent proprietor.
Cooperative Advertising
Question:Does Golden Eagle offer co-op advertising?
Answer:Yes, however there are guidelines, so make sure you get pre approved before the advertisement is ordered or you may be denied the co-op.
Question:What is co-op advertising?
Answer:In this case, it is when Golden Eagle reimburses the independent proprietor for part of their advertising expenses.
Question:Is there a deadline for submitting for co-op?
Answer:All co-op must be submitted within 90 days of the event or advertisement to be considered.
Lead Distribution
Question:When Golden Eagle Corporate gets new leads from the internet, magazine advertisements etc how does Golden Eagle determine who gets the leads?
Answer:Leads are distributed based on where the home is being built not by where the customer currently lives. If it is a new lead and the home is to be built n an Independent Proprietors protected territory they will get the lead. If the customer doesn't own land or know where they will build Golden Eagle holds the lead and keeps it warm until a building area is selected.
Question:Can an Independent Proprietor work leads that are not in his or her protected territory?
Answer:Yes, you can sell anywhere. Please keep in mind if that lead is already in the CRM under another independent proprietor's name or being worked by Corporate you should probably pass on it.
Lead Management (CRM)
Question:Do you have a lead follow-up system that we can use?
Answer:Yes, it is called CRM, which stands for Client Relation Management. Most CRMís are a sales tool that will help sell more homes by utilizing reminders and storing data about each prospect. CRMís are a valuable tool for putting together e-mails lists, mailing labels, phone lists and  ranking your prospects. The Golden Eagle CRM does all of the above and is also a central information port for our  independent proprietor-related forms, pricing materials, contracts etc.
Question:What are the benefits of using CRM?
  1. Itís free for you to use but would cost hundreds a month if you were leasing a similar system.
  2. The Golden Eagle CRM is accessible via the internet from anywhere in the world. If your computer crashes at home; all of your leads are still safe because our CRM is a website that doesnít crash with your computer.
  3. The Golden Eagle CRM is more than just lead management; it is also the platform on which you will receive plans, new leads, contract information, pricing, proposals, current forms and information regarding new products.
  4. You wonít forget about your prospect because of the reminder system and you can print labels; phone numbers lists and create your own e-mail lists using the pool system.
  5. If another proprietor is already working the same prospect we can inform you of that when you ask us to enter the lead. Wouldnít you want to know if you are competing with another or being played by a prospect?
  6. Notes and history can be added by both independent proprietor and our inside people. You will be able to follow along as the project progresses. This helps everyone stay current with the project.
Question:What happens when I enter a lead in CRM?
Answer:The lead is compared against all existing leads in the CRM to assure that this lead is not a duplicate. If the lead is already in the system and being worked by another independent proprietor your lead request to add your lead and work it with the CRM will be declined. If it is a duplicate lead you can still work the lead, just not in CRM. If your lead is an original you will be able to work your lead with CRM and enjoy all of the benefits of the CRM tool.
Shows, Show Types, and Lead Distribution
Question:What is an Independent Proprietor Sponsored show or event?
Answer:When the Independent Proprietor(s) register and pay for a show or event independently of Golden Eagle. This is typically local activities such as fairs, home shows, open houses, log raisings etc. This term Independent Proprietor Sponsored is also used when it is a log home or cabin show event in which Corporate is not participating. All independent proprietor sponsored show leads will be assigned to the proprietor; provided the prospect is not already tagged with another independent proprietor or Golden Eagle in the CRM.
Question:What is a Golden Eagle Sponsored Show or Event?

When Golden Eagle Corporate registers, participates and pays for the booth space. In some cases independent proprietors may be offered the opportunity to work in the booth as our guest. All independent proprietors whether participating in the show or not shall receive leads only after the following criteria are met.

  1. The show leads are entered into the CRM by corporate and it is determined this prospect is not working with another.
  2. The prospect is building in your protected territory.
Question:When Golden Eagle is participating in a Golden Eagle Sponsored show or event can an independent proprietor be at the same show in their own booth?
Answer:Yes you can be in your own booth on your dime. Please note because Golden Eagle is already at the venue there will not be co-op advertising available. Please keep in mind you will receive your leads for your protected territory if you are there or not.
Plans and Pricing
Question:How much will it cost to have customized plans?
Answer:Golden Eagle charges $1.00 per square foot to draw the finished areas of the home. Please note we said finished areas so you will not be charged for attached garage, porch, unfinished bonus rooms, deck or unfinished basement square footage. When we sell the project and the package was more than $50,000.00 the money that was paid for the plans is applied to the package. So when they buy the package the plans ended up being FREE!
Question:How long does it take to get a set of study plans drawn?
Answer:We try to get the floor plan portion done within a week, and then after we get the clients OK on the floor plans it takes about one more week to get the elevations drawn.
Question:Does the customer need to buy plans to get a price?
Answer:Golden Eagle will provide the customer with a fairly accurate ball park price range on the package before any plans are drawn or money changes hands. If your customer already has a set of plans there may never be a need to sell them another set.
Question:Are Golden Eagleís home plans engineered.
Answer:All final plans, which are only available after we receive the 10% contract down payment, will be code compliant engineered as part of our final engineering process. If you are building in an area where you need an architect or a professional licensed engineer to stamp the plans; there would be an extra charge.
Question:How does a customer know exactly what is included in their price?
Answer:When we offer a proposal there is a very detailed list that covers what comes in the package as part of the proposal. When your customer is having a complete package priced they will also receive a list of what doesnít come in the package. We refer to this sheet as a homeowner/ builder responsibility sheet.
Question:How does Golden Eagle effectively interact with customers who are hundreds of miles away?
Answer:This may be done through webinars, e-mails and the telephone. We often design portions of the home plans with the customer watching and making suggestions over the internet.
Protected Territory
Question:What does a protected territory mean to an Independent Proprietor?
Answer:Golden Eagle will not put a second Gold Plus Independent Proprietorship in your protected territory and Golden Eagle will forward you new leads from prospects who are building in your protected territory.
Question:How does Golden Eagle decide on the size of our protected territory?
Answer:Most independent proprietors receive a 25-50 mile radius around their model home /office. However, if the proprietor proves they can market and service a larger area their area could be expanded. When a protected area is expanded, the existing customer prospects stay with Golden Eagle as a direct sale. Proprietors who have larger territories have typically set forth a business plan that included a marketing budget large enough to handle that area and have a builder network in place to handle the whole area. When an independent proprietor is not yielding enough sales from all areas of their protected territory those lower performing areas will likely be adjusted at year-end. Additionally, adding another model home would be a good reason to lobby for a larger protected territory.
Question:When a new independent proprietor comes on board with Golden Eagle or when an existing one gets their existing territory expanded; will they automatically receive existing corporate leads for that area?
Answer:Yes, but not necessarily all. If an existing independent proprietor or an inside salesperson at Golden Eagle is actively working that lead, then it is grandfathered to the original proprietor or corporate.
Technical Services / Websites
Question:If I have the 10% down but I still donít have a signed contract can I move the project into final engineering?

No, everything is on hold until we have the following three items. 10% Down, No More Changes form, and the signed contract.


Question:I have an existing website. Can you take over the hosting for us so we can get the $60.00 per hour labor rate?
Answer:Yes, once we get the passwords from you or your current provider we can begin hosting your site. The couple of hours it takes us to switch you from your current provider and future maintenance will be billed at $60.00 per hour.
Miscellaneous Questions
Question:What if the local building inspector has questions?
Answer:If your inspector has questions about anything in the Golden Eagle package or on our plans just let us know. Golden Eagle will call the inspector and provide load calculations or anything else they need right away.
Question:Who do we call if we have questions during the build?
Answer:Golden Eagle has a very good builder services department that is staffed 6 days a week by great folks with extensive building experience.
Question:Does Golden Eagle offer Full Log and Half Log Homes?
Answer:Yes. Golden Eagle offers Full Log and Half Log packages; if that isnít enough you should know we also offer Quarter Log, High Performance Insulated Full Log, and custom non structural Exposed Beam Timber Frame packages. All of our log items are milled at Golden Eagle Log Homes and exceed industry standards.
More Info:Click Here
Question:What log styles and corner styles are available through Golden Eagle?
Answer:We have just about everything including; double round, square, D- shape, T&G, Peeled or Smooth. Corner options include Dovetail, Saddle Notch, Butt and Pass, Vertical Round Log or Vertical Square Timber. Our most popular sizes include 6x12, 8x8, 10x10 and 8x12.
More Info:Click Here
Question:Are your Full Logs Kiln Dried and Grade Stamped?
Answer:Yes, and we also heat treat our logs which makes it possible to ship our logs across state and national borders.
Question:Do I have to have a Realtor's License to be an independent proprietor that features Golden Eagle Log Homes?

No. You are selling a materials package. Your customers can obtain land with or without your help.

More Misc. Q & A
Question:When selling or buying a complete package, how are the choices made if the customer isnít coming to the showroom at corporate?
Answer:Having samples in your office is one way but often many of the choices will be made online; usually with guidance from our final selections department.
Question:What type of office equipment would you recommend an independent proprietor featuring Golden Eagle Homes have? 
Answer:In addition to the usual old school office supplies, we recommend  having a computer set up with internet access, an 11Ēx 17Ē colored printer; a specific cell phone or house phone that is always answered like a business, copier or scanner and an area where you can display your Golden Eagle samples.
Question:What kind of maintenance is involved with a website?
Answer:On average you may ask us add new photos, and graphics maybe four times a year at one to two hours per time. When your website is hosted by Golden Eagle there is no charge for adding your events to your site, however if your site is not hosted by Golden Eagle there will be a $100.00 per hour charge for adding events.
Question:What kind of training can one expect from Golden Eagle?
Answer:Typically 2 days and we can customize this to your needs. Someone new to selling log homes may need more training than someone who has previous log home sales experience. We have continuous training available in the form of workshops, video, webinar and websites. Feel free to call anytime with your questions.
Question:Who builds the homes?
Answer:Independent proprietors will want to put together a network of builders so this becomes a non worry.
Question:Can we get multiple shipments?
Answer:A home package typically requires 3 or more semi loads of products. We always want to ship full loads but the builder or homeowner can tell us when they would like them delivered.
Question:Can we refer to our business as Golden Eagle Log Homes when we answer the phone and work shows?
Answer:No, however you will want to benefit from Golden Eagleís branding. Therefore we do recommend when you answer the phone and run advertisements you mention your company name and that you feature Golden Eagle Log Homes.

If you have more questions call us at 1-800-270-5025 and
ask to speak to Zach Parmeter at extension 181

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