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The Golden Eagle Kiln Dried Advantage

Kiln Drying eliminates future wall settling.

Kiln Drying kills all bugs, insects, larvae, fungi and spores. Your logs become sanitized during our kiln drying process.

If you are building in an area where the logs are required to meet phyto-sanitary requirements, rest assured ours do. Just tell us when ordering your home and we will provide documented certification at no charge.

Stain can be applied to kiln dried logs immediately. There is no need to wait a couple of years for your logs to dry before staining. Plus, stain adheres best to dry wood, which means it holds up better.

Our kiln drying process removes approximately five tons of water from your home. Removing all that water saves you money on shipping as you will not be paying to haul tons of water.

Our logs are approximately 50% lighter after kiln drying. This means two people can handle the longest wall log.

We grade stamp the logs after kiln drying to satisfy any building inspectors curiosity about the bearing strength and shear strength of the logs. This prevents costly delays at the job site.

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