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Follow These Steps to Your New Custom Golden Eagle Home!

Step #1 Ballpark Pricing
Free Service, No Cost to You

Please have a budget in mind before you contact us, and understand that Golden Eagle specializes in custom homes ranging from $600,000 to $10 million. When you reach out to speak with one of our professional log and timber home consultants about your new home, your floor plans probably have not been drawn to scale yet. However, you likely have ideas in mind about the size, shape, style, and particular amenities you want your new home to have. Perhaps your ideas include a loft, covered porch, chef's kitchen, large deck for entertaining, specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms. When you speak with one of our professional log and timber home consultants, let them know whatever your ideas are.

Our professional log and timber home consultants at Golden Eagle will ask you some simple questions and then develop a ballpark price for what a project like yours may cost to build. Surprises are not always fun, and that is why we strive to be as accurate as possible by using the information we gather during our discussion(s) together.

Golden Eagle offers Ballpark Pricing as a free service to you. When reviewing the ballpark price, this is an ideal time for you to think about mortgage payments, property taxes, and other costs to be comfortable with and sure about the idea of building a new home.

* For a verbal Ballpark Price, please allow approximately 1-2 business days.

Step #2 Plan Service
50% Credit Applied, with Purchase of Home Package

At this point, you are ready to move forward with a Plan Service meeting with one of our professional log and timber home consultants to discuss the cost of plans and details regarding your personalized floor plan design. Before the Plan Service meeting, Golden Eagle requests that you provide one of the following from your financial institution:

  1. Proof of Funds Letter (when your project will be self-financed), or
  2. Conditional Loan Commitment Letter (when your project will be lender-financed)

Your financial institution will be familiar with this type of request, as it is common practice in the housing industry. Your log and timber home consultant can provide you with a sample letter for reference. The Letter you provide to Golden Eagle is to be dated within sixty (60) days of your scheduled Plan Service meeting and reference the ballpark "turnkey" pricing discussed in Step #1. After your floor plans are drawn, you will be able to study your future home's layout and utilize this time to ensure that we are all on the same page. Fifty percent (50%) of your Plan Service fee is refundable with your purchase of a Golden Eagle materials package valued at $100,000 or more. Credit for your Plan Service fee will be applied toward the balance due for the First Shipment at the time of delivery. Please keep in mind, none of the Plan Service fee will be refundable if you choose not to purchase a Golden Eagle materials package.

* Floor plans are completed and sent to you in approximately 7-12+ business days.

Step #3 Plan Revisions
Included, Up to 50 Free Plan Revisions

After your floor plans are drawn, you will likely see your home differently and may want to make a few changes. You can make up to fifty (50) revisions to the floor plan without any additional fees. This is an excellent time to decide on your interior wall preferences, such as tongue and groove, half log, and/or drywall, for example.
Tip: Please do not rush through this, as generally, it is best to study the plans for a week or more before requesting changes.

* Plan revisions are completed and sent to you in approximately 5-7+ business days.

Step #4 Preliminary Proposals
Free Service, No Cost to You

Now that your floor plans are completed, we will be able to produce a Preliminary Proposal for your review. The materials package pricing of your home in the Preliminary Proposal will be reasonably accurate. We say reasonably accurate simply because your vision will be fine-tuned while you make more decisions for your home in the next step, the Final Selections stage.

* Preliminary Proposals are very detailed and take 7-14+ business days to be completed and sent to you.

Step #5 Final Selections Code Compliance Engineering
Paid Service Required with Purchase of Home Package

The Final Selections Code Compliance Engineering Fee is based on the extent of code-compliant engineering required by the state or province where your home is being built and your floor plan's square footage

A) By this stage, you have reviewed the Preliminary Proposal for your future Golden Eagle home and have chosen to proceed with your dream. Now is when the Final Selections Code Compliance Engineering process begins. Depending on the extent of code-compliant engineering required by the state or province where your home is being built, please allow up to ten to twelve (10-12) weeks for completion of this process, starting with Final Selections and finishing with Code Compliance Engineering. First, you will have a Final Selections meeting. This meeting allows you to get most, if not all, of your final decisions made regarding your future Golden Eagle home. You will have the opportunity to choose the perfect front door, decide on your window color, choose special features that you want to incorporate into your kitchen design, and so much more.

B) After Final Selections is complete, the next step is Code Compliance Engineering. Most states and/or provinces now require code-compliant engineered plans to pull a building permit. Usually, General Contractors require code-compliant engineered plans before they will offer you a firm contract price to build your home. At this stage, our Code Compliance Engineering team will review the structural makeup of your floor plans. Our Code Compliance Engineering team will also determine and adequately size the posts, headers, beams, bearing points, floor joists, and more. At this point, one of our Senior Project Expediters will invest time with your building inspector to verify local snow and wind loads that are specific to your building area. If your build area requires state-stamped plans, we can provide them after this step. Investing this time now helps us be very accurate with your Materials Contract pricing and allows your project to run smoother down the road.

Step #6 Preparing the Materials Contract
Free Service, No Cost to You

Preparing your Materials Contract is the next step. We will need to review and price your selections made during the Final Selections meeting. Therefore, your Materials Contract preparation will occur approximately four (4) weeks after you have confirmed all of your Final Selections choices. Final Selections is the first step in the Final Selections-Code Compliance Engineering process. The sooner you finalize your choices, the sooner we can prepare a Materials Contract for you. If your goal is to begin building your new Golden Eagle home within six (6) months, Golden Eagle requires:

  • The complete ten percent (10%) Down Payment;
  • Confirmation that you have finished making changes to the plans;
  • A physical address, location, and/or fire number, and a detailed map to your building site; and
  • Confirmation that you have an approximate First Shipment delivery date. At a later time, you or your General Contractor can firm up this date with our shipping experts.

Subject to material availability, we will be able to have your first load of materials ready to ship in as quickly as eight (8) to ten (10) weeks from when Golden Eagle receives your signed Materials Contract and full 10% down payment.

* Please expect delays during rush periods, such as during Spring and Fall seasons.

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